Transaction Support

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Transaction Support

Property & Advisory gives comfort and reassurance to clients in all aspects of buying, selling and leasing property, regardless of hurdles and complexity.

Defining Requirements

We help buyers to define their exact needs and then act on their behalf to identify the most suitable property and to negotiate a deal. We have acted on all kinds of purchase negotiations – large and small; commercial, industrial, residential and ‘oddball’ ranging from the purchase of a soon to be closed road and of a ‘mission critical’ land-locked back yard, to substantial main road commercial and industrial sites.

Negotiations Large and Small

Our specialised service for sellers focuses on the unusual and complex property market, which is often in the too hard basket of traditional agencies, where it risks not being given the care and attention it requires.

And in leasehold matters, we are experienced and successful across the board in both search and negotiation.

  • Buying and selling
    • Site acquisition services
    • Due diligence investigations
    • Divestment strategy planning
  • Leasing
    • Lease negotiation advice
    • Rent review support
    • Relocation assistance