Retail Analysis & Modelling

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Retail Analysis & Modelling

Retailers, developers and Government, both State and Local, appreciate our extensive experience in advising on all aspects of retail and mainstreet issues. As an independent firm, we stand alone when presenting our views, separate from large corporates and nationals, providing an exclusively South Australian perspective and solution.

Independent Analysis

Retail analysis and modelling is a part of Property & Advisory’s core business. Central to our approach is our application of the Huff Gravity Model, which uses a mathematical algorithm devised by the late David L. Huff, Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the University of California Los Angeles. The Huff model determines the probability that a customer residing in a particular locality will shop in a particular centre or precinct, and models what will happen to turnover in selected centres if there is change to an existing situation on account of changes to floorspace or population. It has been used by business, government and planners over the last 40 years for a wide range of purposes.

Objective Modelling

The modelling examines and recommends on:

  • Trade area analysis
  • Turnover modelling
  • Floor space supply and demand analysis
  • Expenditure pattern analysis.

When you ask, "What would happen if...", we can give you the answer.