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Property Consulting

Property & Advisory is a leading South Australian provider of specialist property consulting services with a long track record of managing and completing complex assignments.

Our core competencies include land use investigations, commercial and market analysis, strategic planning and project development skills.

We work with decision makers across a broad sweep of clients from all property sectors, resolving issues and helping organizations make informed decisions based on:

  • Situation analysis, to set the scene
  • Strategic context setting, taking in all aspects of the organisation and the market
  • Initial review of future wants & needs
  • Identification and consideration of all options
  • As required, preparation of feasibility studies, cashflow modelling and/or analysis of costs and returns
  • Review of organizational and commercial pros and cons, including risk review
  • Implementation planning, development initiation and management
  • Answering the question "What should we do in our particular situation?"

Professional Skills

Our people are committed property professionals who bring decades of knowledge and experience to every assignment we undertake.

We also provide a full service of commercial stakeholder engagement and consultation, ensuring sound management of all parties with a real or perceived interest in your project. The public, media, Governments and others have the power to make or break a project and this service is extremely valuable to our clients.

Expert Analysis

Property & Advisory’s consultants are also specialists in land use and asset management studies, which are frequently undertaken as part of larger multi-disciplinary teams. Often encompassing ‘whole of town’ situations, or at the front end of large infrastructure projects, this service integrates:

  • Strategic land use planning with commercial underpinning
  • Highest and best use analysis
  • Asset management planning
  • Land economics.

Land economics is grounded in land valuation but embraces a much broader view of the world. While valuation typically focusses on the current value of property in its current use, land economics places that property in context with its strategic settings, its neighbours, its innate potential, and the future opportunities it presents. It says ‘yes but’ and ‘what if’ rather than simply ‘this is’.